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LS 229 001, 081 Selected Topics in Criminology

Sociological analysis of research and theory on selected criminal activities. Motivation, modus operandi, and the social characteristics of offenders will be examined in relation to such specific crimes as drug and sexual offenses, theft, robbery, murder, organized crime, and/or other criminal activities.


Cross-listed with SOC 229

Winter 2018
LS 236 001 Law and Society in the Middle Ages

A study of the laws and legal procedures of the Middle Ages. The course examines the relationship between legal procedures and institutions and the medieval societies that produced them.


Cross-listed with HIST 236

Dan Hutter Winter 2018
LS 272 001 Psychology and Law

Psychological principles drawn from a variety of subdisciplines (e.g., social, clinical, cognitive) will be surveyed in terms of their relevance and application to the legal system. Topics may include jury selection and decision-making, eyewitness testimony, insanity defense, competency assessment, risk assessment, and attitudes toward law and the legal process.


Cross-listed with PSYCH 230

John Rempel Winter 2018
LS 286 001 Law in Popular Culture

Much is at stake in how law is portrayed in paintings, literature, music, television, and movies. In this course we draw on a range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities to study how law is represented in popular culture, and how these representations, in turn, impact how we view law.

Winter 2018
LS 327 081 Policing in a Democratic Society

A critical examination of the police as social control agents in contemporary democratic societies. Topics include the historical evolution of policing; police recruitment, training, and education; police/community relations; the occupational subculture of the police; police authority and discretion; private policing; and police deviance and criminality.


Cross-listed with SOC 327

Frederick Desroches Winter 2018
LS 351 001 Philosophy of Law

Basic themes in the philosophy of law. Issues include the nature of law and its relation to morality and politics, legal reasoning, the justification of punishment, and theories of rights, responsibility and liability.


Cross-listed with PHIL 327

Stéphanie Grégoire Winter 2018
LS 372 001 Criminal Profiling

Foundational assumptions for, and basic approaches to, criminal profiling will be considered, along with a survey of relevant techniques in the context of numerous case studies. Limitations and alternatives to profiling will also be addressed. 


Cross-listed with PSYCH 330

Chris Burris Winter 2018
LS 401 001 Law, Culture, and Rights

This seminar explores the intersection of culture and rights from a legal studies perspective in order to better understand the diversity of ways that law shapes our society, and vice versa. Students will debate and assess selected topics from the perspective of various disciplines spanning the social sciences and humanities.

Susan Dianne Brophy Winter 2018
LS 402 001, 002, 003, 004 Perspectives on Legal Authority and Subjectivity

This seminar explores the relation between those who make or administer law and select legal subjects whose lives and identities are shaped by law. Students will debate and assess selected perspectives while touching on various disciplines spanning the social sciences and humanities.

Winter 2018
MEDVL 304 001 Heresy and Religious Crises in Late Medieval Europe

An exploration of the impact of social crises on late medieval religious modes of expression. Topics will include the Great Famine, the Black Death, the Avignon Papacy and Western Schism, the development of heretical movements, and the eventual disintegration of European religious unity.


Cross-listed with HIST 304, RS 342

Winter 2018