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PSYCH 230 001 Psychology and Law

Psychological principles drawn from a variety of subdisciplines (e.g., social, clinical, cognitive) will be surveyed in terms of their relevance and application to the legal system. Topics may include jury selection and decision-making, eyewitness testimony, insanity defense, competency assessment, risk assessment, and attitudes toward law and the legal process.


Cross-listed with LS 272

John Rempel Winter 2018
PSYCH 312 001 Learning Disabilities

A critical examination of the concept of learning disability and of current issues in the assessment and remediation of learning problems.

Winter 2018
PSYCH 315 001 Psychology of Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

A study of the psychological processes in the second and third decades of human development. Consideration is given to such areas as identity formation and intellectual, emotional, and social growth. Current concepts, issues, and research are stressed.

Winter 2018
PSYCH 318 001 Psychosexual Organization

A detailed examination of concepts related to the formation of gender identity and psychosexual orientation. The nature-nurture debate will be explored as well as gay and lesbian identity and consciousness throughout the life cycle.

BJ Rye Winter 2018
PSYCH 330 001 Criminal Profiling

Foundational assumptions for, and basic approaches to, criminal profiling will be considered, along with a survey of relevant techniques in the context of numerous case studies. Limitations and alternatives to profiling will also be addressed.


Cross-listed with LS 372

Chris Burris Winter 2018
PSYCH 354 001 Interpersonal Relationships

A psychological analysis of social interaction and the dynamics of close relationships.

John Rempel Winter 2018
PSYCH 357 001 Psychology of Good

What does it mean to "be good"? How does one "do good"? What makes "doing good" easier or harder? This course examines (1) the biological and psychosocial foundations of prosocial behaviour and (2) associated facilitators and obstacles at both interpersonal and organizational levels. Topics may include empathy, social responsibility, volunteerism, community intervention, activism, and heroism.

Chris Burris, John Rempel Winter 2018
RS 100 001 Religions of Asia

An introduction to religious traditions of Asia, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and East Asian traditions. Further topics may include Sikhism, Jainism, and Shinto.

David Seljak Winter 2018
RS 121 081 Evil

How do the religions of the world define evil? How do they suggest it can be overcome? Classical and modern writers from Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism will be considered.

Winter 2018
RS 150 001 Christian Ethics

An introduction to Christian ethical theory and practice and their implications for personal and social living. Case studies will investigate sexual morality, business and medical ethics, environmental issues, violence and non-violence, and family life.

David Perrin Winter 2018