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HIST 422 001 Special Topics in History - History of Science and Technology, Premodern

This seminar is a special study of a selected topic in history. Please see course instructor for details.

Winter 2018
HIST 450 001 The History Capstone

The Capstone challenges students with an opportunity to synthesize and showcase, at a high level of achievement, the disciplinary skills and knowledge they have gained during the course of their studies in History. It encourages students to pursue individual research interests and presentation formats as limited only by historical methodology, academic rigour, and the consent of the instructor.

Ryan Touhey Winter 2018
HUMSC 102 001 Great Dialogues: Politics and Morality

What is the relationship between politics and morality? Are they opposites? Can they be integrated? This course investigates the way our own dialogue with core texts, from the Renaissance to the present (authors may include Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Wollstonecraft, Marx, Conrad, and Arendt), offers ways of thinking through the dilemmas and issues raised by these texts and present in our culture.

John Greenwood Winter 2018
HUMSC 301 001 Great Dialogues: The Sacred and the Profane

What is the nature of, and relationship between, the sacred and the profane? This course will examine diverse manifestations of the sacred and the profane by emphasizing the nature of their interaction and the impact on our understanding of contemporary human civilization. A dialogical method in exploring these ideas will be encouraged. Areas to be investigated include space, time, ritual, culture, morality, life and death. The readings will be taken from core texts spanning a wide variety of fields and authors (e.g. Eliade, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Pieper, Charles Taylor, Mary Douglas, etc.).

John Greenwood Winter 2018
ITAL 101 001 Introduction to Italian Language 1

An intensive study of the fundamentals of grammar and conversation. The language laboratory will be used.

Winter 2018
ITAL 102 001 Introduction to Italian Language 2

A continuation of ITAL 101, with more emphasis on conversation and everyday uses of language.

Winter 2018
ITALST 292 001 Italian Culture and Civilization 2

A survey of developments in Italian culture -- history, literature, painting, and music -- in the post-Renaissance period, with emphasis on modern Italy.

Gabriel Niccoli Winter 2018
ITALST 360 001 Dante's Divine Comedy

This course examines the various strands of what is one of the greatest works in Western literature, Dante's Divine Comedy. The course will engage students in a critical reading of the text's various layers of meaning, which emphasize perennial issues of our human condition.

Gabriel Niccoli Winter 2018
LS 101 001, 081 Introduction to Legal Studies

An introduction to the study of law, its structure, and legal institutions from a cross-cultural and historical perspective. This interdisciplinary course examines the origins of legal systems and their impact on society. Included is an analysis of the diverse historical, political, economic, and cultural conditions under which law arises and functions within society.

Patrick Watson Winter 2018
LS 202 001, 002 Criminal Law

A case-study approach to the study of criminal law in Canada with a focus on basic concepts and core principles relating to legal judgements along with comparative examination between civil and criminal law and attention to legal theory.

Winter 2018