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Vice President Academic and Dean
Vice President Academic and Dean
Image of Dr.Scott Kline As Vice President Academic and Dean
Dr. Scott Kline

As Vice President Academic and Dean, Dr. Kline is responsible for providing academic leadership and overseeing the administration of academic operations at St. Jerome’s University. These operations include the delivery of academic programs, the development and maintenance of academic policies and procedures for the University, including the library, student success programming, and matters of academic and research integrity.


Dr. Kline is Chair of Academic Committee, where he works with department chairs on academic matters.

Dr. Kline is a Christian ethicist by academic training. He is the author of the book The Ethical Being: A Guide to Contemporary Issues (Novalis, 2013). He has several articles and book chapters to his credit, most dealing with the relationship between religion and politics in the US, the role of religion in post-conflict resolution measures, Catholic peacemaking, and the academic study of religion. In 2006, he was awarded a Social Science and Humanities Research Council grant for a project examining the role of faith-based organizations in providing humanitarian assistance in post-conflict situations. His current research project is on faith-based responses to homelessness in the United States and Canada.


At St. Jerome’s since 2002, Dr. Kline has taught courses on Christian ethics, sexual ethics, as well as religion and popular culture. He was a driving force behind the Beyond Borders program and the formation of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship. He has served as Chair of Religious Studies, Coordinator of the Lectures in Catholic Experience, and Director of both Beyond Borders and the Centre for Responsible Citizenship.


Dr. Kline is the former Chair of the Governing Committee of Project Ploughshares, an agency of the Canadian Council of Churches that advances disarmament and peaceful conflict resolution. He has served on the American Academy of Religion (AAR) Board of Directors.


Key Projects
  • Lead the University in an academic planning exercise that will set out the University's academic priorities
  • Work with faculty to establish promotion and tenure standards
  • Implement recommendations stemming from an external review of the St. Jerome's University Library
  • Develop an academic leadership environment that encourages continuous involvement in program and course planning and ongoing mentoring of faculty to nurture teaching and research excellence
  • Continue efforts to establish academic policies and procedures that form the St. Jerome's University Academic Operations Manual
  • Strengthen inter-department relationships with the University of Waterloo
  • Enhance the experiential learning opportunities for students in St. Jerome's University courses