Research: Sexuality, Marriage, & Family Studies


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Toni Serafini
Associate Professor
519-884-8111 x 28293
Research: Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies

St. Jerome's University has made its reputation over the years mainly through the excellence of its teaching. However, its contribution to the University of Waterloo and to higher learning in general also takes the form of strong scholarship and original research. Without this on-going work, university teaching at the University would be less rich and meaningful than it is.


Faculty who teach in the Department of Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies come from various home disciplines, such as Family Studies, History, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology. The interests of SMF faculty members reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the program and include, but are not limited to:

  • attitudes toward sexual minorities and non-traditional parenting
  • HIV/AIDS prevention
  • sexual ethics
  • the construction of personal and relational identity
  • sexual and relational communication
  • the history of ideas around gender and sexuality
  • the role of the medical profession (as well as other dominant discourses) on the construction of gender, sexuality, marriage, and family
  • relationship trust
  • inclusivity and intersectionality of various social locations (gender, class, race, age, ability, etc.) in understanding the world and human relationships
  • the embodiment of pleasure
  • social justice
  • the scholarship of teaching and learning (e.g., critical self-reflection in undergraduate education, the use of ePorfolios for deep learning, and feminist pedagogy)

Please click on the names below to see individual research profiles and sample the recent and current research activities of St. Jerome's University faculty.