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BJ Rye
Associate Professor
519-884-8111 x 28219
Educational Background:

B.A. Honours

St. Thomas University




University of Western Ontario




University of Western Ontario



Dean's Research Grant Program

St. Jerome's University

2004 - 2009


Learning Initiatives Fund

University of Waterloo

2005 - 2006


National Grants Program for Conference Support

Hospital for Sick Children


Research Activity:

Rye, B.J., Serafini, T., & Bramberger, T.R. (2015). Erotophobic or erotophilic: What are young women's attitudes toward BDSM? Psychology & Sexuality

Rye, B.J., Mashingter, C., Meaney, G.J., Wood, E., & Gentile, S. (2015). Satisfaction with previous sexual health education as a predictor of intentions to pursue further sexual health education. Sex Education, 15(1), 93-107

Hovey, A., Stalker, C., & Rye, BJ (2014). Asking women survivors about thoughts or actions involving sex with children: An issue requiring therapist sensitivity. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 23, 442-461.

Lappin-Fortin, K., & Rye, B.J. (2014). The use of pre-/post-test and self-assessment tools in a French pronunciation course. Foreign Language Annals, 47(2).

Fullerton, T., Rye, B.J., Meaney, G.J., & Loomis, C. (2013). Condom and hormonal contraceptive use by young women: An Information-Motivation-Behavioural Skills assessment. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Sciences, 45(3), 196-209.

Hovey, A., Rye, B.J., & Stalker, C. (2013). Do therapists' beliefs about sexual offending affect counselling practices with women? Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 22(5), 572-592.

Serafini, T., Rye, B.J., & Drysdale, M (2013). Taking sides: Clashing views in adolescence (3rd edition). Dubuque, IO: McGraw-Hill.

Rye, B.J., Meaney, G.J., Yessis, J., & McKay, A. (2012). Uses of the “Comfort with Sexual Matters for Young Adolescents” scale: A measure of erotophobia–erotophilia for youth. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 21(2), 91-100.

De Wit, D., Karioja, K., Rye, B.J. & Shain, M. (2011). Perceptions of declining classmate and teacher support following the transition to high school: Potential correlates of increasing student mental health difficulties. Psychology in the Schools, 48(6), 556-572.

Rye, B.J., Meaney, G.J., & Fisher, W.A. (2011). The Sexual Opinion Survey. In T.D. Fisher, C.M. Davis, W.L. Yarber, & S.L. Davis (Eds.), Handbook of Sexuality-Related Measures (3rd ed.) (pp.231-236). New York, NY: Routledge.

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