Religion and Alienation: A Theological Reading of Sociology (2nd Edition)

First published in 1975, Religion and Alienation: A Theological Reading of Sociology was soon hailed as a seminal work in the ever-evolving dialogue between theology and sociology. In Religion and Alienation, 2nd edition, Baum challenges a new generation of readers to discover the gospel as a message of rescue and liberation from the many prisons that we create for ourselves. In recognition of the importance of Baum’s liberating message, Novalis is proud to release a new, revised edition of this contemporary classic that includes significant new material and completely updated references.

Gregory Baum

Gregory Baum is Professor Emeritus of Theology at McGill University. His many books and articles include Solidarity and Compassion (1988), Religion and Ethics (2001), The Twentieth Century: A Theological Overview (Novalis, 1999) and Amazing Church: A Catholic Theologian Remembers a Half-Century of Change (Novalis, 2005). He is the founder and long-time editor of The Ecumenist, a journal of theology, culture and society.

Friday, October 20, 2006 - 7:30pm
Siegfried Hall(1036)
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