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Peer Academic Leaders


14 May, 2021
07:30 pm
28 May, 2021
02:00 pm

Student leader. Volunteer. Peer Success Coach. Guide. A Peer Academic Leader (PAL) supports student learning and success by providing peer success coaching, and implementing student success/engagement programming through the St. Jerome's University Student Success Office (SSO)

Maximize your study potential

University has a lot of exciting aspects, and at St. Jerome’s University we like to cover them all - mind, body, heart, and spirit. But the bottom line, and a major reason you're here, is to earn your degree. What that means is learning how to study at the university level. 

Get Support

PALs are available in the SJU Student Success Office to support you along your journey. They will help you find resources, navigate online systems, and provide you with a student’s perspective of how to best succeed in university. Visit the PALs to get help with:

  • Submitting forms
  • Finding online resources
  • Connecting with a service on campus
  • Mentorship
  • How to reach out to professors or advisors
  • ..much more! PALs are a great first stop to get pointed in the right direction!
Pay it Forward

Become a PAL, and help other students upgrade their study skills to meet academic challenges. What does it take?

  • Self-motivation
  • Ability to function effectively both independently and as a team member
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Willingness to commit your efforts to the enhancement of student success


More information
  • Check Involvio for PAL drop in hours and the most up-to-date details about PAL events and programming.
  • Visit the PALs in the SJU Student Success Office