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Student's poem published in CultureSHOCK!

Student's poem published in CultureSHOCK!

Date: Monday,March 20, 2017

SMF student Marissa Chicoyne is to be published in Queen’s University anthology as part of Collective Reflections’ CultureSHOCK!

Chicoyne’s poem “I wonder what you see when you look at me” will be published this spring in Queen’s University’s Collective Reflections Volume 4 – CultureSHOCK! which features creative, anti-oppressive pieces.


Congratulations Marissa!


What is Collective Reflections?

Collective Reflections is a student-run, anti-oppressive publication that aims to showcase opinions, anecdotes, and any creative expressions on topics such as: feminism, race & ethnicity, ability & accessibility, sexuality and gender diversity, and mental health. Until 2013, Collective Reflections existed as five completely separate publications: HeadsUP, Queen’s Feminist Review, Outwrite, CultureSHOCK!, and Able. We have added a sixth section, BaseLine: An Anti-Poverty Review, and have amalgamated all six sections into one publication in order to further encompass the intersectional nature of identity and the experiences that come with it. Each section still maintains their own identity as a sub-section of the overarching publication

Editor: Haley Kenna
“In 1996, Queen’s Colours: An Anti-Racism Review was created as a forum through which dialogue on issues around race, ethnicity, culture, and identity could be addressed. In 2001, the publication was renamed CultureSHOCK!, the name it remains to have today. Anti-racism is an ideology that intends to promote egalitarian society; this society is a place where people are not discriminated against on the basis of their race. This anti-racist review continues to use art, whether visual or written, as a means through which culture can be explored in the Queen’s community, a dialogue that often appears to be left out of day-to-day life on campus.” ”