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SMF Welcomes AMTD Fellow Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin

SMF Welcomes AMTD Fellow Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin

Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2020

St. Jerome’s University (SJU) welcomes Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin to its Department of Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies (SMF), and the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo, as an AMTD Waterloo Global Talent Postdoctoral Fellow and an Ontario Women’s Health Scholar, from September 14, 2020 to June 13, 2023.  She will be working under the supervision of Drs. Toni Serafini and Andrea Quinlan (respectively).


“I am thrilled to be working with Dr. Hoskin as an AMTD fellow – her important work in the area of Femme Theory and its application to the critical re-visioning of relationships, in all their forms, and her commitment to enacting systemic, social change are impressive and inspiring,” says Dr. Serafini.


The prestigious AMTD  Fellowship includes funding for an annual salary, an engagement fund, plus access to additional funds to create disruptive research dissemination opportunities. Resulting from a $3-million donation from University of Waterloo alumnus, Calvin Choi, the fellowship brings together world-class scholars from top universities across the globe and offers an unmatched opportunity to accelerate scholarship and careers. Beginning in 2020 and until 2025, a limited number of fellowships will be made available to support the global developments of exceptional academics, researchers, and inventors in disciplines described by the University of Waterloo as of “utmost importance.”


Dr. Hoskin holds a PhD in Sociology from Queen’s University where she received the Governor General’s Gold Medal. She has an impressive track record, boasting nearly $600K in supporting funds, 30 publications, and presentations at more than 70 conferences worldwide. She held an Ontario Women’s Health Scholars (OWHS) Postdoctoral Award at Queen’s University (2019) and was awarded a second OWHS to be completed at the University of Waterloo (2020). Her research as an AMTD fellow will focus on critical femininities and Femme Theory, including femme identities; femmephobia; LGBTQ+ communities and relationships; social prejudices and violence; and the links among gender, gender expression, health, and relationships.


Dr. Hoskin notes, “I was drawn to the department of Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies because of its history of feminist activism and community mobilization, particularly with regards to gender-based violence.”


“Many of these initiatives were headed by Dr. Serafini, making her an ideal supervisor for the AMTD. This commitment to social change fits squarely with my own goals for the AMTD of catalyzing change surrounding the treatment of femininity and naming femmephobia," Hoskin adds. "As Canada’s largest postdoctoral fellowship, the opportunities offered by the AMTD program are unsurpassed. I look forward to working with Dr. Serafini and other members of the SMF community to disrupt society’s current view of femininity and to lead us into a future where femininity, in all its shapes and forms, is valued, respected, and celebrated.”


“I am very pleased to welcome Dr. Rhea Ashley Hoskin as an AMTD Waterloo Global Talent Postdoctoral Fellow to St. Jerome’s University,” states President and Vice Chancellor Peter Meehan. “As the recipient of one of the first AMTD fellowships awarded to a woman in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Waterloo, and the first postdoctoral fellow in the history of our SMF Department, she comes to us with a strong record as a disruptor and a change-maker.


“Her ground-breaking research has addressed topics of mass violence in Canada and the world, and her rootedness in both Sociology and Gender/Women’s Studies informs her commitment to the interdisciplinary emphasis of our program. St. Jerome’s is eager to have Dr. Hoskin with us, and to support her research in areas that figure prominently in SMF’s encouragement of social justice and anti-oppression initiatives.”


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