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SJU Hosts The Raymond Carver Review

SJU Hosts The Raymond Carver Review

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021

St. Jerome's University’s (SJU) Department of English is co-hosting The Raymond Carver Review (RCR): considered the most important academic journal for established and emerging scholars committed to the work of American short story writer, poet, and essayist, Raymond Carver (1938-1988). The hosting role directly affiliates SJU with a highly specialized, peer-reviewed journal that is indexed with the Modern Language Association International Bibliography: an essential tool for research in all aspects of modern language and literature.


The digital journal publishes annually and represents a wide range of critical work from established and emerging Carver scholars worldwide. Each issue includes a section of peer-reviewed essays, supplemented by interviews, guest editors’ essays, book reviews, and occasional special features. An international editorial and advisory board made up of colleagues in the United States, Canada, England, Israel, France, Switzerland, China, Puerto Rico, Ireland and Norway, all contribute to making the journal available.


The RCR is produced in association and cooperation with the International Raymond Carver Society (IRCS). Both were created in 2002 as a result of a mutual commitment to Carver studies shared by two American professors, Sandra Lee Kleppe (who founded the IRCS) and Robert Miltner, who founded the RCR. Miltner is now an emeritus professor of English at Kent State University at Stark and is editor of RCR. His work on the journal is supported by a team of associate editors that includes Chad Wriglesworth, who is an associate professor in St. Jerome’s University’s Department of English and an assistant director for the IRCS.


As a result of a campus wide streamlining of hosting that occurred at Kent State’s main campus, the RCR website was relocated to their Stark campus, with limited technical support available for the journal. Through a generous SJU Faculty Research Grant, Wriglesworth has spent the past few years re-designing and updating content on the journal’s website, in collaboration with undergraduate and graduate students from both SJU and the University of Waterloo.


“Professor Wriglesworth…offered St. Jerome’s as a new site host with the tech support to replace the original website which was becoming outdated, technologically speaking, and offered a redesigned digital site,” explained Miltner. “The shift is profound.”


There is no timeline associated with SJU hosting The Raymond Carver Review, but Wriglesworth recognizes that the impact of the university’s support to RCR is “a big deal for St. Jerome’s.”


“The presence of the journal at our university adds to the broader research strengths the English department has in contemporary literature; allows for events affiliated with the International Raymond Carver Society and the journal to take place; and provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to participate in the operation and maintenance of an important academic journal.”


To find out more about the journal and the website being hosted by SJU visit The Raymond Carver Review and the International Raymond Carver Society.


The Raymond Carver Review is also available in Omni as part of the SJU and University of Waterloo library resources.