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New Registrar, Serena Catania “Honoured” to Serve Students

New Registrar, Serena Catania “Honoured” to Serve Students

Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

St. Jerome’s University (SJU) is pleased to announce that Serena Catania has been appointed as its new registrar. As a contributor to the overall growth and sustainability of St. Jerome’s, the registrar’s key areas of focus include enrolment management, collaborating strategically with campus partners, and working closely with the Advancement Office to build an alumni program that effectively engages SJU’s alumni and associates. Catania brings a variety of experience to the role, further to her leadership roles at both SJU and at Huron University College (at Western University).


“We are pleased to have Serena move from her role in recruitment to assume this important position in the organization,” noted SJU’s President and Vice Chancellor, Peter Meehan. “She demonstrated great leadership in her previous role at SJU as manager of outreach and recruitment and has been integral to the development of SJU’s Outreach and Recruitment Strategic Plans, and to maintaining relationships with our schoolboard, community, and University of Waterloo partners.”   


Catania was also responsible for planning and executing all of St. Jerome’s University’s recent virtual and on-campus recruitment events, including Open Houses, campus tours, and You @ Waterloo Day. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Globalization Studies and Philosophy; a Graduate Diploma in Not-for-Profit Management from Western University; and a Certificate in Leadership from the University of Waterloo. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she was an active member of the Huron University College community. After graduating she joined Huron’s staff as an admissions and recruitment officer, where she represented the University and built relationships with academic counsellors and prospective students across the province. In her role as a territory manager, admissions and recruitment at Huron University College, she managed all of Huron’s recruitment, admissions and strategy for London, Ontario and out-of-province students.


“Serena brings to this role a sense of vision as well as the strong interpersonal and organizational skills that she has developed over her years in the niche sector that is the university colleges,” added Meehan. “Her commitment to St. Jerome’s University is inspiring as is her contagious enthusiasm for its students, faculty and staff.”


Catania began her role as registrar effective July 18th and described being “deeply honoured” to serve the university in this capacity.


"St. Jerome’s grows from a foundation rooted in Catholic tradition and is committed to learning and academic excellence,” stated Catania. “In my time thus far at St. Jerome's, I have come to learn firsthand that students are hungry for the kind of education we are providing – an education that develops compassionate leaders, and a university experience that prioritizes intellectual, spiritual and personal development. I look forward to what’s next at St. Jerome’s.”


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SJU Registrar, Serena Catania