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John Greenwood
John Greenwood
Contract Academic Staff
Human Sciences

PhD, University of Toronto

MPhil, University of Waterloo

MA, University of Waterloo

BES, Architecture, University of Waterloo



I am a two-time recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award at the University Of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, most recently in 2013. I have been shortlisted four times for the Distinguished Teacher Award at the University of Waterloo, in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, and again in 2018. My book on Shakespeare, Shifting Perspectives and the Stylish Style: Mannerism in Shakespeare and His Jacobean Contemporaries is published by the University of Toronto Press. I have taught at Western University, Carleton University, Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo and in the ‘Classical Pursuits’ Program at the University of St Michael’s College (at the University of Toronto). I currently teach in the Human Sciences Program and the Department of English at St Jerome’s University (at the University of Waterloo). I have also lectured regularly in the Metro Toronto Library ‘Great Books’ Lecture Series. Besides an edition of Ben Jonson’s comedy The Alchemist (Broadview Press, 2018), my latest book, Reading the Humanities: How I Lost My Modernity (Rock’s Mills Press, 2017), is a virtual tour of the Great Books that offers a fresh perspective on our contemporary predicament by examining the contrasting postures of modernity and tradition.


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Reading the Humanities: How I Lost My Modernity, Rock’s Mills Press, 2017.


The Alchemist, by Ben Jonson, ed. John Greenwood, Broadview Press, 2018.


Shifting Perspectives and the Stylish Style: Mannerism in Shakespeare and His Jacobean Contemporaries, University of Toronto Press, 1988.



‘Clifford Bax’, Dictionary of Literary Biography: Modern British Essayists 1880-1960, Vol 100, 25-34.



‘Teaching by Dialogue in the Liberal Arts,’ Opportunities and New Directions: Canadian Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Vol II, ed. Nicola Simmons, University of Waterloo Centre for Teaching Excellence, 27-35.


‘The Mannerist Marston,’ Modern Language Review 82:4, 817-29.


‘Review Essay,’ (The Postmodern Use of History – Revising or Reinventing), Journal of Architectural Education 43:4, 53-9.



Conference Proceedings
Response to Modris Eksteins, ‘Vincent Van Gogh: Art, Fame & the Problem of Authenticity,’ L.A Cummings Memorial Lecture, St Jerome’s University, Waterloo, 2005.


‘Process Principles: A Prior Learning Assessment Model for Professional Associations,’ National Forum on Prior Learning Assessment, Ottawa, 1995.


‘The Villa: Exploring New Definitions and Methodologies,’ Department of Art, Queen’s University, Response to Martin Kubelik, ‘Perceptions of the Villa,’ Kingston, 1986.


Invited Papers
Metro Toronto Reference Library (& branches) ‘Great Books Lecture Series, Plato, Euripides, Boethius, Augustine, Machiavelli, Dante, Austen, 2006-16.


‘Machiavelli and the Ambiguities of Power,’ University of Toronto Alumni Association, 2013.


‘Wine in Shakespeare,’ Seagram Museum, ‘Shylock and Censorship,’ Kitchener-Waterloo Public Library, ‘Address to the Graduates,’ St Paul’s College, University of Waterloo, ‘The Mannerist Shakespeare,’ University of Ottawa, University of Alberta, University of Victoria, University of British Columbia


Academic Editing
Canada On Stage 1986-1988, Professional Association of Canadian Theatres & Records of Canadian Theatre, University of Guelph.




Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Toronto (2004 and 2013)
Distinguished Teaching Award Nomination & Shortlist, University of Waterloo (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Massey College Associate Junior Fellowship, University of Toronto


ENGL 101A: Introduction to Literary Studies 1
ENGL 109: Introduction to Academic Writing
ENGL 200A: Survey of British Literature 1
ENGL 350: Seventeenth-Century Non-Dramatic Literature


HUMSC 101: Great Dialogues: Reflection and Action
HUMSC 102: Great Dialogues: Politics and Morality
HUMSC 201: Great Dialogues: Reason and Faith
HUMSC 301: Great Dialogues: Sacred and Profane


The content that follows may only represent a portion of the CAS member's work.


OCUFA Collective Bargaining Committee (2015 to present)
University of Toronto Provost’s Committee Director’s Search, School of Continuing Studies (2005)
Board of Governors, St Paul’s College, University of Waterloo (1990-04)
Society of Canadian Composers, Authors & Publishers (SOCAN)



St Jerome’s University
Academic Staff Association Executive, CAS Liaison (2015 to present)
Academic Staff Association CAS Senate Council Rep (2015-17)
President’s Advisory Committee, CAS Teaching Service Awards (2016)
VPAD Governance Working Group (2016-17)
Academic Staff Association, Chief Negotiating Officer, CAS Unit (2014)
Human Sciences Program Advisory Committee (2016 to present)