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Involvement Advising
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Involvement Advising
Boost your experiential learning potential

At St. Jerome’s, we believe so firmly in the value of education that takes place outside the classroom – we call it co-curricular learning – that we’ve arranged for personal assistants to help you maximize your beyond-the-books experience. They’re called Involvement Advisors, and they’re experts in this vital component of your development.


Consultant. Guide. Mapmaker.

Maybe you’ve explored some possibilities but haven’t uncovered that truly fulfilling activity. Or perhaps you know the kind of experience you’d like but aren’t sure where or how to find it. A one-on-one meeting with an Involvement Advisor can help you define what you’re looking for, refine and spread your search parameters, and determine your next steps. They’re staff, professors, and upper-year students who are passionate about your co-curricular learning. And they’re also looking forward to meeting you!


Your experience PI

Think of your appointment as a session with a private investigator who can tell you the best way to identify and find co-curricular experiences. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A friendly face and an easy-access resource with a headful of knowledge about what’s available at St. Jerome’s, at the University of Waterloo, and in the greater Kitchener-Waterloo community
  • A safe environment where you can figure out what you really need and examine all the possibilities, including new interests you’d like to investigate and surprising alternatives you’ve never heard of
  • Assistance in mapping out a plan for your whole university career, with consideration of relevance to your particular passion or intended career path
  • Follow-up email to provide referrals or further information
  • Option of requesting and scheduling an additional appointment
  • A clearer view of your co-curricular learning pathways
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