Student Life
Office Hours

Find us in the Fireplace Lounge, at the back next to the pool tables and music room!

President, Zach Haime:
Monday 11:30-12:30
Wednesday 12:30-1:30
Vice President & Administrative Officer, Amandreo Cortes:
Monday 3-4
Wednesday 6-7
Chief Financial Officer, Anne Marie Hayman:
Monday 4:30-5:30
Tuesday 2-3
Human Resources Officer, Victoria Boland:
Tuesday 6-7 Thursday 5:30-6:30
Public Relations Officer, Lorena McNamara:
Tuesday 11:30-12:30
Thursday 11:30-12:30


Members at Large
Academic Affairs Liaison, Maya Venters:
Tuesday 3:15-4:15
FEDs Liaison, Hayley Barnes:
Wednesday 3-4
Business Operations Liaison, Matteo Palarchio:
Thursday 1:30-2:30
Student Affairs Liaison, Brad Bruder:
Monday 7-8