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Brad Bruder
Students' Union Public Relations Officer
519-884-8111 x
SJU Students' Union
Students' Union
519-884-8111 x
Visit the Students' Union Office
The Students Union office is located in St. Jerome’s University’s Fireplace Lounge in the centre of Sweeney Hall. During the spring 2017 term this office will be closed. Members of the Union executive will be available in this office at designated times beginning in September. Please contact the Students' Union Public Relation Officer to arrange a meeting or if you have any questions.
Merchandise purchased online in the SWAG Shop will be available at this office during the summer on a scheduled order-by-order pick-up basis.
The following executive members of the Students Union are available during designated office hours in the fall and winter terms. Watch for these hours to be posted by September 1, 2017. If you require assistance in the interim, please contact the Students' Union Public Relations Officer.
President, Hayley Barnes:
Vice President & Administrative Officer, Amandreo Cortes:
Chief Financial Officer, Matteo Palarchio:
Human Resources Officer, Maya Venters:
Public Relations Officer, Brad Bruder:


Members at Large
You'll be hearing from us when elections start for our Members at Large, so stay tuned!