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Mary Hynes - "52 Minutes of Silence: Finding Words for the Inexpressible"
Mary Hynes - "52 Minutes of Silence: Finding Words for the Inexpressible"
Date: Friday, February 10, 2017
Time: 07:30 PM
Location: Vanstone Lecture Hall, Academic Centre, St. Jerome’s University SJ2 1004
Sponsors: This lecture is endowed by a special fund created to honour Dr. Michael Higgins, a past President of St. Jerome's University
Free of Charge | Free Parking | Wheelchair Accessible | Reception will follow the lecture.

In most pockets of journalism, the assignment is pretty clear: tell the story with clarity, accuracy, and speed, elbowing out the competition wherever possible.

When your beat is religion/spirituality/what‐it‐means‐to‐be‐human, things get a little murky. This is the most rewarding ‐ and the most frustrating ‐ subject matter in journalism. The conversations can be profound, provocative, hilarious, heart‐breaking. But trying to write headlines for the ineffable? Attempting to find language for the inexpressible? Simply trying to signal what any given episode is about can be akin to banging your head against the wall. For a living.


Mary Hynes is the host of Tapestry, CBC Radio’s award-winning weekly programme about spirituality and the search for meaning. Before finding religion (the beat), Hynes worked on radio and television shows about news, books and sports. She has covered three Olympic Games (Seoul, Calgary, Barcelona), reported from 23 countries, and is a former sports reporter for The Globe and Mail..

In television, Hynes helped launch TVO’s daily programme, Studio 2, working as co-host during the first two seasons. She later hosted Imprint, the network’s show about the world of books. At CBC Radio One, Hynes has written and hosted award-winning programmes on sports and the human body.


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