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RS 254 041 Christian Sexual Ethics

Historical and contemporary Christian approaches to ethical questions about human sexuality and relationships. Topics include marriage, celibacy, single life, homosexuality, HIV/AIDS, sexual violence, gender roles, abortion, reproductive technologies, and sexuality and spirituality.

David Perrin Fall 2020
RS 291 041 Special Topics: Encounter KW

Consult Department for current offerings.

Sylvia Terzian Fall 2020
SMF 101 041 Introduction to Relationships and Families

This course provides an overview of couple, marital, and family relationships from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective.

Denise Whitehead Fall 2020
SMF 204 041 Introduction to Human Sexuality

This course provides a broad interdisciplinary overview of theories and research on human sexuality. Topics may include: human anatomy, sexual health, sexual response cycle, sexual orientation, gender, sex work, sexual practices, fetishes and paraphilias, and attraction/intimacy/love.

BJ Rye Fall 2020
SMF 208 041 Introduction to Systemic Therapies and Anti-Oppressive Practices

This course provides an overview of various theoretical and therapeutic practices in relational and sex therapy, and serves as an introduction to social justice, anti-oppressive, and inclusionary therapeutic practices. In doing so, the intersections of social locations such as class, culture, dis/ability, gender, and race within various social contexts are critically analyzed.

PDF icon SMF 208_R.Thawer_Fall 2020.pdf Fall 2020
SMF 215 041 Sexuality and Pop Culture

This course examines how sexuality is depicted in, shaped by, and contested in popular culture. It introduces different theories in the study of popular culture and sexuality through a range of historical and contemporary texts and practices.

Fall 2020
SMF 220 041 Research Methods

This course introduces students to the philosophy and methods of social science and humanities research, including an examination of issues and approaches to conducting research in the areas of sexuality, couples, and families.

Denise Whitehead Fall 2020
SMF 310 041 Sexual and Relational Ethics

A study of social relationships and systems that support sexual identities and relationship structures which generate ethical issues related to attitudes, values, and behaviours at both the individual and group level. This course may address sexual and relationship ethics on local, national, and transnational scales focusing on how issues of ethics and morality have been socially constructed.

Fall 2020
SMF 496 041 Seminar in Family Studies - Intersecting Identities in Relationships

This seminar allows students to integrate their knowledge in the domains of couples, marriages, and family studies. Topics reflect current issues from a theoretical and research perspective.

Toni Serafini Fall 2020
SOC 355J 041 Power and Parenting

An examination of contemporary parent-child relations in terms of a reconceptualization of power. Special attention will be given to contemporary interpretive (e.g. hermeneutic) approaches to a reformulation of the relation between power and action.

Kieran Bonner Fall 2020