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HIST 391 001 Special Topics in History: The Black Death

One or more term courses will be offered from time to time as announced by the History Department. Topics will be dependent upon special research and/or instructional interests of faculty.

Jolanta Komornicka Winter 2020
HIST 313 001 History of the Family in North America

This course will consider the history of private interactions between family members in North America, as well as the family's relationship to public forces such as politics, the law, social movements, and the economy. Other topics covered in this course include changing conventions of courtship and dating, marriage, divorce, parenthood, and childhood.

Jane Nicholas Winter 2020
HIST 304 001 Heresy and Religious Crises in Late Medieval Europe

An exploration of the impact of social crises on late medieval religious modes of expression. Topics will include the Great Famine, the Black Death, the Avignon Papacy and Western Schism, the development of heretical movements, and the eventual disintegration of European religious unity.

Cross-listed with MEDVL 304, RS 342

Jolanta Komornicka Winter 2020
HIST 260 001 Europe: 410-1303

The political, cultural, economic, and ecclesiastical development of Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the end of the high middle ages.

Cross-listed with MEDVL 260

Jolanta Komornicka Winter 2020
HIST 254 001 Canada Since 1867: A New Nation

This course examines Confederation, the rise of political parties, Canadian external relations, western discontent, the impact of both World Wars, and political and economic changes in Canada since 1867.

Ryan Touhey Winter 2020
HIST 236 001 Law and Society in the Middle Ages

A study of the laws and legal procedures of the Middle Ages. This course examines the relationship between legal procedures and institutions and the medieval societies that produced them.

Cross-listed with LS 236

Dan Hutter Winter 2020
FR 203 002 Introduction to Phonetics of French

An introduction to the structure of the French sound system with a view to improving pronunciation. Careful attention will be paid to the individual student's difficulties.

Kerry Lappin-Fortin Winter 2020
FR 192B 004 French Language 1: Module 2

An intensive French Language course. Vocabulary enrichment and development of reading, writing, and oral expression.

Kerry Lappin-Fortin Winter 2020
ENGL 470B 001 History of Literary Criticism

An historical survey of major critical texts and movements from the Greek and Roman classics to the New Criticism of the mid-20th century, examining different critical theories and practices in a context of cultural changes.

David-Antoine Williams Winter 2020
ENGL 460D 001 Contemporary Literature of the UK and Ireland

A study of the contemporary literatures of the United Kingdom and Ireland, including such writers as Byatt, Boland, Drabble, Heaney, Hughes, Rushdie, and Stoppard.

David-Antoine Williams Winter 2020