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ITAL 391 001 The Italian Novel and Cinema

A survey of some of the principal novels of the 20th century in Italy in association with their cinematic versions by eminent Italian film directors.

Cross-listed with ITALST 391

Roberta Cauchi-Santoro PDF icon ITALST 391-ITAL 391_R.Cauchi-Santoro_Winter 2020.pdf Winter 2020
ITAL 102 001 Introduction to Italian Language 2

A continuation of ITAL 101, with more emphasis on conversation and everyday uses of language.

Roberta Cauchi-Santoro PDF icon ITAL 102_R.Cauchi-Santoro_Winter 2020.pdf Winter 2020
ITAL 101 001 Introduction to Italian Language 1

An intensive study of the fundamentals of grammar and conversation. The language laboratory will be used.

Yuri Sangalli PDF icon ITAL 101_Y.Sangalli_Winter 2020.pdf Winter 2020
HUMSC 102 001 Great Dialogues: Politics and Morality

What is the relationship between politics and morality? Are they opposites? Can they be integrated? This course investigates the way our own dialogue with core texts, from the Renaissance to the present (authors may include Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Wollstonecraft, Marx, Conrad, and Arendt), offers ways of thinking through the dilemmas and issues raised by these texts and present in our culture.

John Greenwood PDF icon HUMSC 102_J.Greenwood_Winter 2020.pdf Winter 2020
HIST 450 001 The History Capstone

The capstone challenges students with an opportunity to synthesize and showcase, at a high level of achievement, the disciplinary skills and knowledge they have gained during the course of their studies in History. It encourages students to pursue individual research interests and presentation formats as limited only by historical methodology, academic rigour, and the consent of the instructor.

Ryan Touhey PDF icon HIST 450_R.Touhey_Winter 2020.pdf Winter 2020
HIST 422 001 Special Topics in History: The Freak Show

This seminar is a special study of a selected topic in history. Please see course instructor for details.

Jane Nicholas Winter 2020
HIST 391 001 Special Topics in History: The Black Death

One or more term courses will be offered from time to time as announced by the History Department. Topics will be dependent upon special research and/or instructional interests of faculty.

Jolanta Komornicka PDF icon HIST 391_J.Komornicka_Winter 2020.pdf Winter 2020
HIST 313 001 History of the Family in North America

This course will consider the history of private interactions between family members in North America, as well as the family's relationship to public forces such as politics, the law, social movements, and the economy. Other topics covered in this course include changing conventions of courtship and dating, marriage, divorce, parenthood, and childhood.

Jane Nicholas Winter 2020
HIST 304 001 Heresy and Religious Crises in Late Medieval Europe

An exploration of the impact of social crises on late medieval religious modes of expression. Topics will include the Great Famine, the Black Death, the Avignon Papacy and Western Schism, the development of heretical movements, and the eventual disintegration of European religious unity.

Cross-listed with MEDVL 304, RS 342

Jolanta Komornicka PDF icon HIST 304-MEDVL 304-RS 342_J.Komornicka_Winter 2020.pdf Winter 2020
HIST 260 001 Europe: 410-1303

The political, cultural, economic, and ecclesiastical development of Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the end of the high middle ages.

Cross-listed with MEDVL 260

Jolanta Komornicka PDF icon HIST 260-MEDVL 260_J.Komornicka.pdf Winter 2020