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ENGL 484 041 Topics in Literatures Medieval to Romantic: Shakespeare's Language

A special study of a selected topic, author, genre, or period in Medieval to Romantic literatures. Please see course instructor for details.

Alysia Kolentsis Fall 2020
FR 192A 083 French Language 1: Module 1

An intensive French Language course. Vocabulary enrichment and development of reading, writing, and oral expression.

Kerry Lappin-Fortin Fall 2020
FR 373 041 Languages in Contact: The History of French-English Bilingualism

This course will examine, from a historical and sociolinguistic perspective, the long-standing rivalry of our country's two official languages, the origins of their relationship, and the socio-political and linguistic implications of bilingualism.

Kerry Lappin-Fortin PDF icon FR 373_K.Lappin-Fortin_Fall 2020.pdf Fall 2020
HIST 103 041 Canadian History Through Biography

An examination through lectures and films of the lives of Canadian men and women who have played formative roles in developing the Canadian nation. Examples will be drawn from such areas as politics, religion, business and labour, social reform, arts and entertainment, and sports.

Jane Nicholas Fall 2020
HIST 113 041 Canadian Business History: Innovators and Entrepreneurs

This course examines the role of individuals in the growth of business in Canada. While there will be general examination of Canadian economic development, the principal focus will fall upon leading Canadian business persons and their interests and innovations. The relationship to the state of business, the place of education, and the impact of immigration are other topics that the course will consider.

Fall 2020
HIST 115 041 Crusading in the Middle Ages

This course examines the historical events and cultural assumptions that led to the European phenomenon of crusading, or holy war, between 1095 and 1453.


Cross-listed with MEDVL 115

Fall 2020
HIST 210 041 History of Ancient Law

A historical introduction to law in the ancient world. Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, and Roman law, legal practices, and concepts will be examined.


Cross-listed with CLAS 210, LS 235

Dan Hutter Fall 2020
HIST 256 041 Murder in Canadian History

This course examines several major murder cases in Canadian history in order to provide insight into Canada's history and explore how the nation has developed legally, politically, economically, and socially.

Fall 2020
HIST 350 041 Canada and the Americas

This course will examine the economic, cultural, and diplomatic aspects of Canada's relationship with the United States, Latin America, and the Commonwealth Caribbean from the time of the American Revolution to the present.

Ryan Touhey Fall 2020
HIST 450 041 The History Capstone

The capstone challenges students with an opportunity to synthesize and showcase, at a high level of achievement, the disciplinary skills and knowledge they have gained during the course of their studies in History. It encourages students to pursue individual research interests and presentation formats as limited only by historical methodology, academic rigour, and the consent of the instructor.

Ryan Touhey Fall 2020