Centre for Responsible Citizenship


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Centre for Responsible Citizenship

In the world of “Idle no more,” “Occupy. . . ,” “Me to We” , and where 16 year old Malala Yousafzai addresses the United Nations—what is the role higher education? Of course, there are many valid answers to the question, but for this world a growing response is that liberal arts universities are particularly well placed to facilitate action and critical reflection on significant world events.


The “global village” has replaced the local commons. Our students are not confined to city, provincial, or national borders. In an unprecedented manner their world is beyond borders! A liberal arts university has a responsibility to prepare students to become reflective, active, and responsible citizens of this world!


The Centre for Responsible Citizenship is the St. Jerome’s University response to this challenge.

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    Solidarity. Alternative Perspectives. Global. Academically centered, Beyond Borders is the capstone experience in international service learning, taking upper year students out of their comfort zone and into the world.
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    Social Justice. Dignity. Local. Partnered with local organizations, Beyond U pushes students outside their comfort zone to develop deeper understandings of local development, sustainability, ethics, and democracy through non-profit work.
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    Coffee. Equality. Global. A unique two-and-a-half week service learning experience, it is an intensive program for students, exploring issues of common global needs and social justice while working with coffee farmers and a local women’s shelter in Peru.
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    Connection. Food Justice. Complexity. Discover. Local. A five-day, for-credit, immersive, experiential learning opportunity that engages students deeply in a social justice issue in the Kitchener-Waterloo community. As an alternative to reading week, Encounter•KW introduces students to community members and organizations that are working to address local social justice issues.
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    Coming Together. Community. Minka. Join us for as we unite as a village would, dialoguing about a social justice issue that influences the Kitchener-Waterloo area people. Participate in the conversation around what changes could make a lasting impact.