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The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official university document which encourages St. Jerome’s University students to reflect on and physically document the learning, growth, and development they accomplished throughout their time at the University. With the CCR, St. Jerome’s University will officially recognize and validate all of these integral experiences that are not captured by an academic transcript.


The CCR is also a tool for students to seek-out and engage with different co-curricular experiences, authenticate the experiences they have, develop language to communicate what kind of learning took place, and reflect on how different experiences connect to in-class learning, professional aspirations, and/or personal interests.

Who Can Access the CCR?

The CCR is available to all St. Jerome’s University affiliated undergraduate students. Whether you’ve lived in residence, are academically enrolled, or have participated in the co-curricular experiences offered, you are eligible to build your CCR.

Use the CCR How-To-Guide to find out how to access the CCR!


What's Included?

The CCR at St. Jerome's University recognizes co-curricular experiences that students engage in throughout their university career. When a student wins an award, engages in an experiential and service learning opportunity, participates in a personal and professional development session, or takes on a leadership role, these experiences can be added as CCR recognized experiences.


Experience Eligibility

Students have the opportunity to participate in an incredible variety of activities and experiences throughout their undergraduate university career. All of these opportunities are important, however, in orer for the experience to count on the St. Jerome's University CCR, it must meet a set of criteria developed by the CCR Working Group. The criteria require eligible experiences to promote holistic involvement and development by being experiences that are connected to the University, promote active engagement, and are tied to intentional learning opportunities for students to engage with.


The CCR will recognize and validate experiences/accomplishments that meet the following criteria:

Experiences that are affiliated with and in a recognized partnership with St. Jerome’s University

In order to be officially authenticated on the CCR, an experience must be validated by an approved St. Jerome’s University or University of Waterloo validator. Students often participate in valuable experiences run by other groups and organizations; however, in order for these to be recognized on the CCR, there must be a formal partnership between the experience and us.
Experiences that meet validation requirements

Approved experiences existing in the CCR bank of opportunities must have an assigned validator who is an approved student staff, staff or faculty member of St. Jerome’s University or the University of Waterloo. Once the experience has been submitted, experiences must be reviewed by the assigned validator on an annual basis to ensure that all information (validator information, experience description, selected competencies and learning outcomes, etc.) is accurate and up-to-date. In order for the experience to be added to a student’s individual CCR, the student must submit their chosen competencies and learning outcomes for validation within the dead-line set for each academic term.


Experiences that are not already formally recognized by the University

Experiences must be co-curricular in nature and not formally recognized by another record and/or transcript provided by St. Jerome’s University. Specifically, co-op positions will not be recognized on the CCR because they are already recognized through the Co-op Student Record. Additionally, academic components of courses that are captured on the academic transcript will not be recognized. However, experiential components of courses that complement the academic components can be submitted for approval to be validated experiences.


Experiences that are linked to specific Competencies and Learning Outcomes

One core purpose of the CCR is to encourage students to reflect on experiences and explore personal areas of learning and growth. Therefore, experiences included in the CCR must have explicit and intentional learning and development opportunities for students. The CCR has an extensive list of learning outcomes which are sorted into specific competencies. Each experience must be tied to a set of competencies and learning out-comes that act as an accurate guide in directing intentional student learning, reflection and development. The following is a list of competencies validators can attribute to their experiences: Learning outcomes associated with these competencies are found in Appendix 1.



Experiences that involve active engagement
Beyond the experiences being linked to specific learning outcomes and competencies, students must actively engage with the experience and be intentional with the learning and growth opportunities in these areas. Throughout and by the end of their experience, students should be able to demonstrate a higher level of understanding and development in the competency areas that goes beyond basic comprehension of information. Experiences should encourage students to play an active role in their learning and they should provide ample opportunity for students to reflect on and be aware of their development in different competencies.
Is the CCR mandatory?
The CCR is by no means a mandatory document, although it is highly encouraged because it provides validation of the co-curricular experiences you engage with through your university career and it is a great reflection tool for you to use during your time at university and beyond.
What is a co-curricular experience?
A co-curricular experience is one that provides the opportunity for learning outside of the classroom. Co-curricular experiences may be related to academic content, or they may provide the opportunity for personal or professional development. Co-curricular activities aim to provide you with opportunities for holistic learning and development.
What are learning outcomes on the CCR?
When reviewing your experience, you choose the competencies that you feel most accurately captures your learning in that co-curricular experience. Each competency is defined by a list of learning outcomes. These outcomes can help you to define and articulate the type of learning you experienced. The learning outcomes associated with each competency do not appear on the CCR, but can be found on the Involvio app and in the Inclusion Guide to act as a preparation tool for interviews, applications, and personal reflection.
Where do I access my CCR?
The CCR is accessed through the Involvio app.
How do I know if an experience counts for the CCR?
Located in Involvio, under CCR, there is a bank of all the different co-curricular experiences that are applicable to your CCR. If you don’t see your experience listed, this does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t count as a CCR experience – it simply may not have been thought of before! To have the experience included on your CCR, it must go through an approval process and meet the eligibility requirements.
The CCR will recognize and validate experiences/accomplishments that meet the following criteria: experiences that are affiliated with and in a recognized partnership with SJU, experiences that meet validation requirements, experiences that are not already formally recognized by St. Jerome’s University or the University of Waterloo, and experiences that are linked to specific competencies and learning outcomes.
Are co-op positions included in the CCR database? 
No, co-op positions are not included in the CCR database because they have already been captured on another document (Work Term Reports) that is validated by the University.
Who are validators and why does an activity require one?
Validators must be an approved staff, faculty, or student-staff member of St. Jerome’s University or the University of Waterloo. Each experience requires a validator to officially validate the request of a student to add an experience to their CCR. It is the validator’s responsibility to ensure that the student has met all requirements of the experience and is eligible for the experience to be added to their CCR. The validator’s name is recorded on the CCR next to the experience and represents the official authentication of the experience by St. Jerome’s University. If asked, the validator should be able to speak specifically to the student’s accomplishments and learning throughout the experience.
How does the validation process work?
In order to have an experience show up on your CCR, you must apply for the experience to be validated. At the end of each term, there will be a specified date that you must have all of your experiences submitted by. Once this date has passed, you will no longer be able to submit your experiences for validation.
The validator will then read through the competencies and outcomes chosen by you and verify whether or not you have met the requirements.
Once the experience has been validated it will appear on your CCR.
What if my activity lasts all term, but I want it validated in September?
Experiences are not able to be validated until they have been completed. This is to ensure accurate representation of your participation in the experience.
If my validation has been declined, will the activity appear on my record?
No, if the validation of the experience was declined, the experience will not appear on your record. 
How do I add an experience to the CCR directory?
In order for an experience to be included in the bank of opportunities for the CCR, the experience must be submitted to the CCR Working Group for approval.
This will be reviewed by the CCR Working Group against the eligibility criteria and will receive approval, edits for approval, or rejection
Once an experience is approved, it will be added to the CCR bank and you will be able to submit the experience for validation.
Can I add past positions to my CCR?
Yes you can! As long as there is a supervisor who can confirm your involvement with that experience, you can add it to your CCR.
How can I get a copy of my CCR? Where do I have to go?
You do not have to go anywhere! The CCR is completely home-printable. All you have to do is log-into Involvio, select your CCR , send it to yourself and print. Voila! A paper copy of your CCR.