24 Jan, 2018
The day has come and gone! Applications for Ontario universities officially closed one week ago today! For the past few months, you’ve most likely spent hours upon hours frantically researching schools, looking at admissions requirements, and choosing where to apply!
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All of your hard work has paid off! You’ve submitted your applications!

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And now comes the hard part… waiting
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If you’re waiting for a response to your application, or if you’ve already been admitted and you’re still deciding whether or not to accept your offer, there are plenty of things you can do to pass the time while still getting yourself ready for this next phase in your life!


Here are some that I recommend:


1. Come for a tour of campus!


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Whether you’ve received your admission package already or you’re waiting for a response to your application, it’s never a bad idea to come for a campus tour! On a campus tour you’re able to get a better sense of what a school is really like, especially if up until this point, you’ve only ever seen the school through a screen! You can book a campus tour anytime at!


2. Ask questions!


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Have you submitted your application and now you want more information about SJU to determine if it’s the right fit for you? If you have any questions, there are plenty of people you can ask, including myself, or our Admissions and Recruitment Specialist, Rebecca (whose contact info is on the left side of this page). 


3.  Attend March Break Open House!


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Although March is still a few months away, it’s good to keep this event on your radar! At March Break Open House you’ll have the opportunity to visit campus, take a tour, talk with professors, and pick the brains of current students! It’s one of the best times to visit campus and get a sense of what it is really like to go to school here! This year, March Break Open House is taking place on Saturday, March 10! (There will be plenty of information about March Break Open House closer to March 10, but for now keep this date in your calendar open!)


4.  Keep up to date with this blog!


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(A little bit of shameless self-promotion…) Over the next four months, I’ll be posting all about life as an SJU student at! If you want to get a better sense of what it would be like to go to St. Jerome’s University, be sure to check back regularly! 


5.  Keep working hard!


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No matter what you’re currently doing, whether it’s finishing high school, working, or doing any number of other things, applying to university can be a challenging process filled with many difficult decisions! It’s an accomplishment to make those decisions and submit any applications that you have, and now that it’s out of your hands, just continue to keep working hard at whatever it is you’re doing!