Why Should You Visit St. Jerome's?
01 Feb, 2017
Word of advice to all of you: listen to your parents. They’re (almost) always right.


St. Jerome’s wasn’t even on my radar when I came to visit UW at March Break Open House. I received my offer of admission for Arts and Business at the end of January and couldn’t wait to come check out the campus. I was adamant, however, that if I went to UW for Arts and Business I would be staying in residence on main campus, and I thought there wasn’t a lot that would change my mind. I had done my research and the living-learning community looked great.


Still, my Mom insisted that we check out St. Jerome’s first, just to see what it was like. I was skeptical.


It didn’t take long for my mood to change.


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I knew from the minute I set foot on campus, when I was greeted by a smiling first-year ambassador decked out in green and gold, that this was a place I could call home. On my tour I could immediately picture myself living in residence; eating meals and hanging out with friends in the community centre; playing pool in the games room, and studying in the library.


What really sold me was St. Jerome’s commitment to student leadership and leadership development. Being part of an institution that values its student leaders was at the top of my university “must-have” list. I was really involved in high school and I wanted to find ways to keep that up during my undergrad.


Oh, and the chocolate milk on tap helped a little bit too.


What I’m trying to say is: if I hadn’t visited St. Jerome’s, I would have never known about how supportive the community is, how delicious the food tastes, or how homey the residence feels. I would never have known that I could be part of a smaller community while still enjoying all the benefits of being a UW student as well. If I hadn’t visited St. Jerome’s, I would never have thought about going to school here. Seriously.


That visit, however short, has helped me to become who I am today and will shape who I’m going to be tomorrow.


Don’t just take it from me, though: Here’s what other SJU student leaders have to say.


“SJU is a uniquely small community within the greater University of Waterloo community. I’m from a small town so I felt at home here the minute I walked onto the campus for the first time. Everyone - and I mean everyone - knows your name and looks out for you. It’s great.” –Robbie, 3B Knowledge Integration student & SJU Intramural Coordinator


“I only visited once and I was sold.” –Abby, 2B Psychology student & Chief Experience Officer


“I toured SJ twice, but I knew right after my first tour that if I got accepted to Waterloo I was living here. St. Jerome’s is my home away from home and has allowed me to develop into the person I want to be.” –Greg, 3A Math CPA student and Residence Don


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