So You Missed March Break Open House... Now What?
14 Mar, 2019
This past Saturday March 9th, the University of Waterloo was buzzing with excitement as thousands of prospective students and their families flooded onto campus for tours, sample lectures, and information sessions. In our little corner of campus, St. Jerome’s was busy too – our Experience Guides, faculty and staff enjoyed meeting all of you, showing you around, and sharing with you what makes SJU so special! I want to thank everyone who came out to Open House on Saturday, it was truly such a wonderful day!


March Break Open House
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If you weren’t able to join us at Open House, you definitely missed out on a really great time – but don’t worry, I’ll do my very best to get you all caught up!


Take a Tour!


Even if you couldn't make it to Open House, there are still so many opportunities to find out what St. Jerome’s is all about. Our fabulous Experience Guides offer personalized tours Monday – Saturday almost every week. When you book your tour, you’ll be matched with one of our student ambassadors to show you around campus and introduce you to life at SJU. Come visit us!


If you can’t make it to SJU for a tour, you can watch our virtual tour here!


Watch a Sample Lecture!


If you missed the sample lectures, you’re in luck! Chad Wrigglesworth from the SJU English department has recorded this 2-minute lecture to give you a taste of first-year material!




If you weren’t at March Break Open House, you will have missed Rebecca Rucurean’s session on the SJU Arts Advantage and learning about co-registration. Did you know that UW Arts students can co-register with St. Jerome’s to benefit from the small college community while earning a University of Waterloo degree? Learn more about co-registration here!


Hear From Current Students!


When I was in grade 12 my favourite part of Open House was meeting current SJU students and hearing their stories. If you’re looking for that inside scoop, check out Eric’s video below.


And stay tuned for the rest of the SJU Loves series! The first episode is already up – in SJU Loves Science, you’ll meet Noah, a second-year Science and Business student here at SJU.


If you have any other questions about student life at St. Jerome’s, please feel free to shoot me an email at!


Stay Tuned for You @ Waterloo Day!


Mark your calendar for May 25th! You @ Waterloo Day is a special event just for students who have received an Offer of Admission to the University of Waterloo. Stay tuned for your invitation!

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