Scholarships at SJU
24 Apr, 2020

This week, I am excited to talk about scholarships at St. Jerome's. We are so fortunate for Scholarships to be funded through generous donations made by our alumni, partners, and friends who want to invest in the education of our students.

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Scholarships are a huge part of helping students through their degrees and begin right from the moment that you are accepted into university. I remember getting my own entrance scholarships four years ago and they made me feel very proud of the hard work I put in my studies. They also assisted me to make the first semester financially more feasible. The scholarships helped with the difficult transition into university from high school, a little bit easier.

When you are accepted into SJU your overall grades will be assessed based on the SJU standard scholarship grid. Upon completion of high school, if you are successful in getting a higher overall average, you are eligible to be reassessed for a higher scholarship. This happens in Mid to late July.

In addition to the standard grid, SJU students are also eligible for the Arts named scholarships and some additional automatic scholarships. I always encourage students to read their emails so they don't miss an opportunity.

Below is the standard SJU grid. To be eligible for this grid you must be entering studies in Fall 2020 in an Honours Arts or Arts and Business program:



Program / Award

Range of scholarship




Board of Governor's Scholarship

$3,000 first-year;

$2,000 in upper years

- Awarded to the highest student entering SJU into Honours Arts or Arts & Business



President's Scholarship of Distinction

$2,000 Entrance Scholarship;

$1,500 International Experience Award and/or;

$1,500 Research Award

- Early May admission average of 95%+



President's Scholarship


- Early May admission average of 90%+



Arts Entrance Scholarship

85.0-89.9% - $1,000.00

-Mid-May admission average of 85-89.9%


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Upon successful completion of 1A term, all students that are apart of our community (student leaders, residents in any program, and students co-registered) are eligible for our Application-Based Scholarships. Application-based scholarships require the application, an essay question, and a resume. If you are looking to get a head start on this, start working on your resume! The thing I love most about the Application-Based scholarships is you submit one application for all scholarships available. And you can apply every term you are in classes as long as you meet the criteria!

The application is constantly changing but typically it requires an essay of 350-400 works that critically reflect on the community, leadership, and learning experiences at SJU, UW, and beyond. Students are able to dig deeper into "What have you learned about yourself, your values, your communities, and/or social justice?"

What I see these questions as showcasing about St. Jerome's is that we are truly about community and personal and leadership growth. Not all scholarships are based solely on academics, and neither is the university experience. St. Jerome's values the development of the entire person, not just the academic development and from a student's perspective, these application questions show that, and that community involvement and self-growth is valuable.  


Here are just a few of the scholarships available:


Peter Hinchcliffe Scholarship The Dr. Peter Hinchcliffe Scholarship/Bursary has been established to honour a long-time and warmly remembered professor in the University's Department of English, Dr. Peter Hinchcliffe. The award is presented annually to at least one upper-year co-registered St. Jerome’s University student who demonstrates community involvement/leadership, academic achievement, and financial need. Preference will be given to students in an English major or minor.
Marshall & Frances Ariss Scholarship This award is so named for its generous donors, the late Marshall and Frances Ariss, formerly of Kitchener. The award is presented annually to at least one upper-year St. Jerome’s University co-registered student,  resident, or student with a connection to the St. Jerome’s community. The recipient must demonstrate academic achievement and financial need.
Theresa & Emil Dietrich Scholarship The Theresa and Emil Dietrich Scholarship/Bursary is named to honour the parents of Donna Letson, wife of past St. Jerome's University President, Dr. Doug Letson. This award was established by Donna and Doug and is supported by their friends and family. This award is presented annually to a student academically co-registered in a Faculty of Arts program through St. Jerome's University.

For more information on types of upper years scholarships you can visit:

I have been lucky enough to receive a few upper-year scholarships, and it always makes me proud to receive them. It showcases the hard work I have put into my studies and motivates me to keep going for the next semester as I know what I am able to accomplish if I just keep going.

In addition to Application-based scholarships, we have the Upper Year Scholarships that are automatic. Did you know SJU only does upper-year scholarships? You must have a certain aver to receive them. Here is the grid below:


Upper-Year Scholarships


Cumulative Overall Average Required


(per term)

83.0% - 85.9%


86.0% - 89.9 %


90.0% - 99.9%



- Must be a full-time student co-registered with St. Jerome's University in the Faculty of Arts

- Awards are assessed automatically



Are you still wanting more money? Check out the website there are even some smaller scholarships that I haven't highlighted in this post you could be eligible for!

In this post, a lot of information has been quickly provided but the most important is still to come, and that is the fact that at St. Jerome's there is always someone around who is willing to help you understand what you need to in order to earn your degree. Specifically, when it comes to scholarships, Stephanie Zepf is your point of contact and she is an amazing resource and helpful hand when it comes to scholarships. She is always open to talking with students and answering your questions. You can learn more about Steph in this blog post!

If you have any suggestions for content that you would love to read about on our blog, please send an email to! We would love to know what our students are interested in reading and knowing more about. 


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