Meet Stephanie!
16 Apr, 2020


The Student Affairs team helps students with all aspects of their academic career, from residence to academic support, to spirituality and wellness counselling. Stephanie Zepf is the Student Affairs Administrative Assistant and been a part of the SJU community for the past 5 years. Her role is quite diverse as she works across many areas involving student life – she is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource on the Student Affairs team.

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Now let's see what Steph had to say when we chatted with her about life at St. Jerome's:


 Please describe your role and position at St. Jerome's University

Student Affairs Administrative Assistant – I'm all things scholarships, academic forms, and day-to-day logistical questions about residence!

What is your favourite St. Jerome's Memory?

I don't have one single favourite memory of St. Jerome's. I have a bunch, but they all focus around when students and staff come together and enjoy each other's company. Some things that come to mind include Community Dinners, Gala, Staff vs. Students sports events etc.

What advice would you give to a first year student who is coming to St. Jerome's in the fall?

When you have time, get lost in a building - it's how you find cool study areas on campus! Oh, and read your emails!!

What advice do you have for graduating students as they finish up their degrees?

Don't rush into the first job that lands at your feet. Make sure it's a job that excites you, it will make it easier getting up every morning.

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