Meet Lindsay!
13 Apr, 2020

The Student Affairs team helps students with all aspects of their academic career, from residence to academic support, to spirituality and wellness counselling. In the fourth post in the series we're chatting with Lindsay Thompson, the Wellness Coordinator at St. Jerome's University. Lindsay has been supporting students and the larger SJU community within this role for almost two years now.


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Please describe your role and position at St. Jerome's University

I help students to navigate on and off campus supports for their health and wellness while they are here at St. Jerome's. I also sit on a number of committees to promote health and wellness initiatives across the UW Campus, and to bring ideas back to St. Jerome's. You can usually find me in my office drinking tea, checking in with students, and helping out with Thrive Week and Bell Let's Talk Day!

What is your favourite St. Jerome's Memory?

I have so many, but two really stand out for me. The first would be one of my first House Dinners that I attended at the beginning of the fall semester. I finally witnessed the "SJU Dance" that everyone seemed to know. The energy and laughter was so memorable for me, and as someone who did not attend SJU as a student, I loved feeling like a part of the community. The other memory would be my first coffee house. We have many brave and talented students in our midst!

What advice would you give to a first year student who is coming to St. Jerome's in the fall?

Know that there are a lot of resources here to help you succeed! It's normal to see some changes in your grades as you transition into bigger lectures and topics you have never studied before. Feelings of persistent sadness, homesickness, and loneliness are also common but not a mandatory part of university. We're here to help. Oh, and talk to your professors, too! They also want you to do well, and they want to hear if they can help you out in any way.

What advice do you have for graduating students as they finish up their degrees?

It's okay to not know what comes next! There might be a lot of pressure to go into a full-time job or apply to graduate school, but these things are all optional. It's also okay to grieve the end of your time as a student. Take some time to rest and reconnect with the things that you love for a little bit (if you can).

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