Meet Catherine!
31 Mar, 2020


First year students help to build and continue on the community of St. Jerome's. In this second post in the interview series with first year students, we will meet Catherine Szarek - a current St. Jerome's first year student studying in the faculty of Arts within the Arts and Business program, majoring in Speech Communications.

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How have you become a part of the St. Jerome's community in your first year?

I've become a part of the St. Jerome' s community by getting involved with the Frost Leader team, Experience Guide team, and the SJU Dance Club!

What is your favourite class that you have taken in your first year, and why is it your favourite?

My favourite class that I've taken so far is SPCOM 223 (Public Speaking) as it's challenged my presentation abilities and given me the opportunity to develop stronger communication skills.


What advice would you give to an incoming St. Jerome's student who is starting their degree in the fall term of 2020?

Don't stress! While starting university may seem to be approaching at a rapid rate, I encourage you to take the time to slow down and live in the moment. You still have time to accomplish so much more before joining our community in the fall!


What is your favourite St. Jerome's memory from your first year?

My favourite St. Jerome's memory was the Thanksgiving Community Dinner! It was an evening filled with good food, great conversations, and even better friends!


What are your plans going forward now that you are heading into your second year?

Going forward, I plan on continuing to be involved within the SJU community and am looking forward to living at SJU again next year as an upper year!


Anything else you would like to share?


I'm so happy that I chose to come to St. Jerome's as I've met so many amazing people here and have been given many opportunities to grow and develop my skills in such a positive community! I can't wait to continue my academic journey knowing that I will always have SJU by my side.


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