Meet Angela!
14 Apr, 2020

First year students help to build and continue on the community of St. Jerome's. In this fourth post in the First Year Students Interview Series we will meet Angela Cortes, a current St. Jerome's first year student studying in the faculty of Applied Health Sciences, Recreation and Leisure.


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How have you become a part of the St. Jerome's community in your first year?

Throughout my first year at SJU I've been involved in the community in multiple ways! I was the Floor Representative for Ryan 5 which involved me organizing and planning events for my floor, as well as helping communicate with students and facilities operations about food and living situations. I also volunteered as an Experience Guide (XG) where I was trained on giving tours and speaking with prospective students. In addition to Floor Rep and XG, I was the Entertainment Captain for the SJU Relay for Life Committee. In my Relay for Life role, I got to plan a bunch of games and activities, as well as meet other people in the SJU community! Overall all the things I've been involved in over the past few months have helped me grow and develop into the person I am today! They were free opportunities to meet new people, as well as upper years. There are so many ways you can get involved and I'd suggest it to everyone to try and be involved as you can!


What advice would you give to an incoming St. Jerome's student who is starting their degree in the fall 2020 term?

Try and meet as many new people as you can and be involved in the SJU community. Don't be shy to join new clubs or attend events - have fun!


What is your favourite St. Jerome's Memory from your first year?

My favourite memory of SJU has been meeting my friends and creating relationships with the people I now call my best friends! 


What are your plans going forward now that you are heading into your second year?

My plans are to be actively involved in the community even though I won't be living here anymore, and try out as many new leadership possibilities as I can!


Anything else you would like to share?

When you first come to SJU don't be shy. Embrace this experience with everything you can and meet as many new people as possible. SJU is not only a community but a family as well. Enjoy your first year because before you know it, it'll be over!


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