How to Get Involved at SJU
27 Feb, 2019
You may have already heard about all of the wonderful leadership opportunities at St. Jerome’s (and if you haven’t, stay tuned for another blog post in the near future), but committing to a leadership position can be a really daunting idea, especially in first year when you have so much going on. If you’re looking to ease into getting involved, there are a ton of things going on – clubs to join, sports to play, causes to support – all based on your interests and passions.


Are you passionate about conservation and sustainability? Join the Green Team to work on campus initiatives like student awareness and waste redistribution. Do your part to help the environment while meeting new friends and having a blast!


Prism is the St. Jerome's Gender-Sexuality Alliance, dedicated to creating a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ+ students and allies on campus. A typical meeting covers topics from sex education in schools to world politics to RuPaul’s Drag Race. If you’re looking to talk social justice, Prism is the place for you!


Mock Cases for Laurier and Waterloo is an immersive experience for those interested in law, legal studies, and improving public speaking skills – and it’s based right here at St. Jerome’s! MCLW boasts the most comprehensive mock trial experience at the undergraduate level. If you’re thinking about pursuing law, MCLW is a great way to try it out and make some friends along the way!


Let’s stock about it! Inspired by Jim Cramer, Stocks Club works to educate students about the stock market so they can feel more comfortable investing money on their own. Whether you’re brand new to stocks or you’re already an avid investor, Stocks Club is always looking for new members!



From doctor dodgeball to basketball to floor hockey, there is sure to be an intramural sport that piques your interest. Rally your floor to form a team or head down to cheer for your friends! The best part is, intramurals are held right downstairs in the residence gym – you won’t even need to step outside to get active and involved!


If none of these activities are up your alley, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Form your own club. During my time here, the SJU Students’ Union has supported a Bachelor Club, complete with competitive brackets and weekly viewing parties, a League of Legends club, and a ton of other niche little communities. If you find yourself thinking “wow, I wish there was a Tamagatchi club at SJU,” it’s up to you to form that fellowship!


The ways to get involved at SJU are truly endless. Even if clubs and societies aren’t your thing, there is always something going on. Our wonderful student leader groups keep the community calendar full with events and drop-in activities. Some of my personal favourite memories include pretending to be Bob Ross at Paint Night, building forts in the living room, and dancing to High School Musical at monthly coffee houses.


No matter how you decide to get involved, these next four years are yours to make your own, so do something fun, get a little silly and make some memories!