21 Mar, 2018
At SJU, we think that the people with the best understanding of the student experience are the students themselves. That’s why we’ve asked our Experience Guides, who you may meet if you come for a tour of SJU, to offer some advice on what being an SJU student is really like.


Experience Guides
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As current students, we’ve all been in your shoes at some point in the last few years, and we know how challenging the transition to university can be. That’s why we’re here to help, and hopefully, with our advice, you’ll be able to make that transition with ease and success.
This time, we asked our Experience Guides about tips they’ve learned for living in residence! If you’re planning on living in residence while in university, hopefully their answers will help prepare you for this new experience! Check out what they had to say below!
Question: What is one tip you have for living in residence?
Only bring the things you actually use! - Samantha


Meet as many people on your floor as possible! Your floormates are going to be your family away from home - Shelby


Eat and stay healthy - Jeffrey


To keep your door open as much as possible, you’ll meet so many amazing people - Kaitlyn

Are you there?
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Keep your room clean - Danielle


Develop a good daily routine - Gabrielle


Leave your door open for the first couple weeks to meet new people! - Taylor


Really get to know the people who live around you. They will become your best friends! - Madeleine


Talk to everyone!!! - Natalie

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Make friends with your don and the rest of your floor. SJ is filled with a ton of amazing people so be open to starting up a conversation and getting to know new people - Delainey


Always leave your door open whenever you can. People will pop by to say hi, and it makes sure that your room always has fresh air - Izzy


Make friends with both the people from your floor and other floors, too! Don't be afraid to branch out - Jenn


Make your space your own - bring plants, posters, pillows, etc. from home - Noelle


Keep your door open as much as you can - Candice


Make sure to not skip breakfast! - Rachel

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Be open to new experiences, and embrace the SJ community - Sam


Open your door! It's a great way to get to know your floor-mates and it enhances the community aspect on each floor - Megan


Get to know your floor mates well - Christian


Keep your doors open for friends to visit you! - Jenna


Plan out the upcoming month on a calendar - Stefan

I've planned out our whole day
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Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way - TJ


Keep your door open as often as possible! Sometimes the best encounters are the simplest ones with your floor mates :) - Taylor


Come out of your room often - Maegan


Find a few good study spots for when you want somewhere extra quiet - Rachel


Does anyone know how to study?
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Get involved! - Justine


Keep your room clean!! And, always be welcoming to everyone on your floor and make friends with them! You have to live with them for 8 months and it's much easier to do so if everyone gets along - Matthew
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