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26 Feb, 2018
At SJU, we think that the people with the best understanding of the student experience are the students themselves. That’s why we’ve asked our Experience Guides, who you may meet if you come for a tour of SJU, to offer some advice on what being an SJU student is really like.


As current students, we’ve all been in your shoes at some point in the last few years, and we know how challenging the transition to university can be. That’s why we’re here to help, and hopefully, with our advice, you’ll be able to make that transition with ease and success.


This time, we asked our Experience Guides about one difference between high school and university that they’ve noticed since coming to SJU! Hopefully their answers will prepare you for when you have to make that transition yourselves! Check out what they had to say below!
Question: What is one difference between high school and university that you’ve noticed since coming to SJU/UW?


Your schedule is more flexible and there are a lot more course options – Danielle


There is way more reading and individual studying in university – Samantha


FREEDOM! In university you have more control over what you do than ever before – Shelby

I'm Free
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More work – Jeffrey


Homework. Professors will rarely tell you what questions to do to study and to practice what you learned in class; you must be self-motivated to find these and actually do them yourself – Kaitlyn


There are so many different courses and extracurriculars – Rachel


60% Finals – TJ


People are extra nice here! – Taylor


Nice people
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The freedom, it’s important to stay on top of things because no one is going to babysit you – Natalie


The number of people in your classes. My Chem 120 class had almost twice as many people as my whole high school – Izzy


Independence! You are a lot more in charge of yourself in university, and that can be a challenge for some people, but just remember that you are surrounded by people that want to help you do your best – Jenn


You don't have to ask to use the washroom – Noelle


More course options and independence – Rachel


The way of thinking. In high school you are able to memorize concepts and do pretty well, but in university you need to be able to reach a new level of understanding with every concept learnt. You have to be able to learn something new and then take that knowledge and apply it to new situations – Delainey


The heavier workload coupled with more freedom. Make sure you go to class, stay on top of your assignments and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it – Madeleine


Let's get down to business
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Independence and freedom – Sam


The level of independence and responsibility you need to take for your learning – Megan


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