About Us
21 Feb, 2018
University is about more than just going to class and getting your degree. At SJU, they recognize the importance of the student experience and are committed to ‘educating the whole person’. SJU understands that personal growth and learning happens as much outside of the classroom as inside; that’s why they offer a wide range of co-curricular opportunities in which all students are welcome to participate.
Co-curricular opportunities range from local and international service learning experiences to over 100 student leadership positions, and from involvement in student government to simply participating in numerous events and activities, and much more. Whatever your passion is, there will be something for you to get involved in at SJU. Here are just a few of the experiences that you have the opportunity to participate in as an SJU student.
Service Learning


SJU’s commitment to social justice and developing global citizens is evident in all aspects of the student experience, but in particular through the service learning experiences that they offer. Experiences range in length from one week to a full semester, and in location from Kitchener-Waterloo to international destinations around the world. They are designed to allow students to personally interact with important social justice issues affecting their local and global community, and learn about current and potential ways to influence change and address these issues. If you want to make a difference in your local community, or on the global scale, and you’re passionate about social justice issues, then these experiences can help compliment the learning you do in the classroom and add even more value to your student experience.


Leadership Positions


At SJU, there are over 100 student leader positions every year, each playing an important role in our community. If you’re interested in event planning and programming then you might want to consider joining the Student Activities Team after your first year; if you want to help other students navigate their courses and be successful in their classes than you might consider applying to be a Peer Academic Leader; or if you want to develop your spirituality and want to help other students do so as well, then joining Student Campus Ministry might be a good fit for you. There are plenty of ways that you can continue to develop your leadership abilities and associated skills as an SJU student, while also giving back to the community and gaining volunteer experience at the same time.
Student Government


SJU has its own governing student body which any SJU affiliated student can serve on; the St. Jerome’s University Students’ Union. There are elected positions on Students' Union for students in all years of study, including multiple positions designated for first-year students, as well as volunteer positions that assist Students' Union with the delivery of all of the services they offer. If you’re interested in student government, then this opportunity may be for you.
Events and Activities


In addition to all of those previously mentioned, there are a variety of experiences that any SJU affiliated students are able to participate in. These events range from the annual SJU Leadership Conference to our annual Relay for Life event, and from events and programming organized by all of the student leader groups mentioned above to so much more. No matter what your interests are, you’ll find some co-curricular opportunity to compliment your student experience here at SJU.
Co-Curricular Record


SJU is so committed to opportunities for students outside of the classroom that they will help you track your extra-curricular involvement in a similar way to how they track your academic achievement. At St. Jerome's you'll have a co-curricular record (CCR); an official university document that is similar to your academic transcript but is used to track your involvement in co-curricular experiences as opposed to academic courses. The CCR allows you to have an official record of all of the co-curricular experiences you were involved in over your time at SJU, as well as the skills you developed through these experiences.


At SJU you'll learn as much outside of the classroom as you will inside, and with the significant variety of opportunities that exists here, you'll easily be able to get involved in a co-curricular experience that interests you!