29 Jan, 2018
Often when someone tells you that there are no ‘cons’ to a situation, only ‘pros’, it seems too good to be true. In most situations, I’d agree with that sentiment. Whenever I’m tasked with making an important decision I tend to be wary of choosing options that try to hide their drawbacks, all the while shouting their benefits in your face. I usually find it suspicious when people only discuss the positive aspects of a particular option, as if there are only positives.


Too Good To Be True
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But, to be completely hypocritical…


And Now For Something Completely Different
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...there really are no drawbacks to being a St. Jerome's University student. 


What's the catch?
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That's it. No catch.


As a University of Waterloo student, you already have access to hundreds of courses on almost any subject you can imagine, the largest co-operative education program in the world, numerous programs and services that support entrepreneurship and will help you transform any idea into a reality, and so much more. As a St. Jerome’s University student, you have access to all that UWaterloo has to offer, while also being able to complement your degree and your university experience with all of the services that SJU provides; essentially, there are only positives.


St. Jerome's is like a university within a university. Although SJU is a distinct institution from UW, the relationship that the two institutions share means that, as a student, you're able to get the most out of both; even though you belong to the one, you aren't excluded from belonging to the other. If SJU and UW were both put in a Venn diagram, as a student, you would be in the middle.


Venn Diagram
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SJU offers courses in the Faculty of Arts at UWaterloo, and as an Arts student, you have the opportunity to co-register with St. Jerome's, giving you preferred access to the courses we offer, our small class sizes (our average class size is only 30 students), and our distinguished professors and teaching staff. Anyone in the Faculty of Arts is able to co-register with St. Jerome's at any point throughout their time at UWaterloo, but with the benefits you stand to gain, we recommend doing it as soon as possible. As a St. Jerome's co-registered student, you also gain access to the all of the other services we offer, including our incredible academic advising staff who only see SJU co-registered students, and who take the time to get to know our students and want to see them succeed; preferred access to live in our small, tight-knit residence community if you're an incoming first-year student; and the freedom to study whatever it is that interests you, with access to all of the courses offered at SJU and UW. 



Perhaps best of all, as an SJU student, you belong to a community of people that genuinely care about you, your success, and your education, both inside and outside the classroom. At St. Jerome's you have a home away from home, where there are always old friends and familiar faces, and where you always feel safe, comfortable, and supported.


As an SJU student it seems too good to be true, only it is true.