All About the SJU House System
16 Oct, 2019
The Background Story 
St. Jerome's University (SJU) has been shaped and inspired by many influential people since the College of St. Jerome was founded in 1865. Today, there are many ways that we strive to honour and appreciate the legacy that those affiliated with SJU have created, and the values that these individuals have instilled in our community. 
One of the ways SJU honours the impact that past figures have left on the community is through the naming of our house system. The four houses are named after people who made foundational contributions that established the values and traditions that St. Jerome’s aims to embody today.  
The Four Houses 
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Leon House 
The Leon House was named in respect of Sister Leon White's value of academics, and the powerful female presence she had at St. Jerome's. 
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Spetz House
Spetz House was formed as a tribute to Father Theobald Spetz's devotion to extracurriculars, and the education of the whole person. 
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Taylor House
The namesake of the Taylor House is Sister Marie Taylor, who was devoted to the advancement of spiritual development and connections between students. 
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Zinger House
The Zinger House was created in honour of Father Albert Zinger's commitment to community service. 


How the House System Works 


Each new SJU student is automatically assigned to a House when they begin their studies here. For students living in residence, houses are assigned to students by floor- so, your floor mates will be part of the same house as you. Students typically remain part of the same house throughout their time here. Off-campus students meet many students that live in residence through house-themed activities, such as Community Dinners, Coffee House, and friendly House Competitions. Events for this past week’s House Competitions included Fort Building Competition, Minute to Win It, and Trivia Night. These activities are a great way to get to know other SJU students, even if you’re not living in our residence full-time! 
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How well do you know your SJU Houses? 
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