04 Apr, 2018

As an Arts student at St. Jerome’s University, you have numerous opportunities to customize your degree in a variety of ways. Whether it’s adding a second major onto your degree, deciding to pursue a minor, completing a specialization in a specific topic within your subject of major interest, or complementing your degree with co-op work experiences, practicum placements, or focused research projects, the opportunities truly are endless.


One of the many benefits of being a St. Jerome’s student is the incredible range of courses available to you. As a St. Jerome’s student, you have full access to all of the course offered at both SJU and UW! With our small class sizes, dedicated professors, and collaborative classroom environments, there are many appealing aspects about taking classes on our campus!


But what about the courses themselves? Hear from current St. Jerome’s students about some of the courses that they’ve taken at SJU, what they’ve enjoyed about them, and why they think you should take them as well!

PSYCH 101 – Introductory Psychology


“I really enjoyed PSYCH 101 because it was very informative and I had the ability to participate in research studies. I also enjoyed the course just because of Prof. Toni Serafini, she was so ecstatic to teach you, and she came to the classroom every day wanting to teach. You could tell that she really wanted to be there, and that made me really want to be there at the same time, which improved my learning etiquette, and made me more interested in the class”


“In PSYCH 101 the professor was very energetic and enthusiastic about the material she was teaching which made it very enjoyable”


“I loved PSYCH 101 (aka Tuesday’s with Toni!)! The course itself is super interesting, engaging, and fun, but if you take it at SJ with Dr. Toni Serafini it is 100000 times more fun and memorable than normal!”


“Psychology is my major and my professor made the course interesting as she shared her passion for psychology”


“I loved PSYCH 101 because it confirmed for me that that's what I want to study”


“PSYCH 101 has super cool content and, living at SJ, I had lots of friends in the same class! Plus we did a fun quiz each class”


SMF 101 - Introduction to Relationships and Families


“I loved SMF 101 because the content related to real life and was super interesting”


SMF 204 – Introduction to Human Sexuality


“SMF 204 is my favourite class because there are always new things to learn and Prof. BJ Rye always pulls through with hilarious jokes”


SMF 208 - Introduction to Systemic Therapies and Anti-Oppressive Practices


“I really liked SMF 208! It went by a different name when I took it but I believe it’s now called Introduction to Systemic Therapies and Anti-Oppressive Practices. It was one of the first courses that I think really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and pushed me to feel like there was a little bit more to give, in that the projects were challenging but in a good way. What we were learning in the class was just very exciting to me because I’m really interested in Family Systems Theory and that kind of stuff, and this was my first introduction to that. Plus we just had really good dialogues between the professor and the students in that class”


HIST 115 – Crusading in the Middle Ages


“HIST 115 would definitely be one of my favourite courses because the professor was amazing”


FR 192B – French Language 1


“In FR 192B there were only about 20 other students, and the professor knew everyone personally (she still says hello to me when I see her around SJ!)”


ITALST 265 - Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals, and Myth


“I am currently taking a course about the Italian Mafia and hands down, it is my favourite class at SJ so far! The professor is amazing and every week we learn something new about the world we live in that I had never really considered before. Our professor has so many stories for us that never fail to amaze me!”


“I really enjoyed ITAL 265 as the content was always interesting, and the professor was very enthusiastic”


ARTS 140 - Information and Analysis - Facts in a Post Truth World: Information Literacy


“I really enjoyed Arts 140 (Topic: Medieval Fake News)! This year the course was being offered as a pilot course which will be fully implemented next year. Essentially, it is a course to replace English that focuses on conducting research and learning how to work with it. We were assigned Medieval documents to read that are vague and mysterious, and it's up to us to decipher what they mean by using technology and various research techniques. We built a website to display all of our work and we got experience in using map making software”


SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology


“I loved SOC 101! It was very loosely structured and discussion based, leaving a lot of lessons open to the class's interests. It was a really unique experience”


RS 151 - Roman Catholicism


“I took RS 151 in my first year, and we had a whole unit on social justice relating to the Catholic social teachings. With the course, we went on a field trip to the Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph, and we were able to just connect with the people who work there and it gave us a really good first hand experience of how what we learning in the classroom was working in real life”


ENGL 101A – Introduction to Literary Studies


“Literary Studies was one of my favourite classes! We examined a broad range of texts and their significance; I always looked forward to that class”


ENGL 108F – The Rebel


“I would definitely recommend The Rebel! I loved my professor and the books we read were really interesting!”


ENGL 109 – Introduction to Academic Writing


“I learned so much from ENGL 109 and I was able to meet some really cool people in class! Plus I had a great professor who really cared about her students”


There are plenty of fascinating and engaging courses offered at SJU, each as interesting and appealing as the last! If you want to learn more about all of the classes that we offer at SJU, head to!
Check out the video below for a snapshot of what you might be able to expect from some of the courses that you’ll take at St. Jerome’s!